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Gloria’s Birthday (Part 1)

Sorry for the delay with this post guys. Have been having trouble with pictures and posts on this new server but we’re getting over all the hiccups slowly but surely! *laugh* Thanks for your patience and I hope you’ll be able to view this post now since I’ve been experiencing a few site errors here and there… *smile*



Well, is has indeed been a month of birthdays. *laugh* My beautiful sister Gloria turned 22 on Monday and I was so happy and honoured to be around to spend the Sunday with her. *smile* We pigged out on pizza and pasta during the first half of the evening before adjourning to a mini party at my aunt’s. More cake! *laugh*

Glo with the humungous fresh yummy bread at Prego’s

turkey ham pizza – thin crust and tasty

mushroom pasta – creamy but not too bad as a sharing portion *smile*

a surprised lil’ camper. So cute. Haha

clown noses that were given together with the cake *laugh*

all ready to dig in! Haha


Although I’m not a big fan of Italian food (I’m so Malaysian I need my rice! *laugh*), I thought the food at Prego’s that evening was pretty good. Pretty big portions though, so the both of us had our fill PLUS we even had a little extra to take home. *laugh* The restaurant was also so nice enough to give us a complimentary slice of ice cream cake for our lil’ party of 2. Hehe. Part 2 with more cake coming soon! Hehe.




  1. adli

    Happy Birthday, Gloria Tan ^^

    i think the boss in Prego gave the two of u a “slice” of cake [SOOOO kiam siap =.=] is because MAYBE Hannah Tan was there :p

    i think if i go there makan also.. NOTHING is free ;p


  2. Teoh Chin Siew
    Teoh Chin Siew06-24-2009

    Gloria! Gloria! Happy Burthdayyyy, Gloria!!! =)

    Great sibling’s party… hehehe.. with the red nose. =p You both look cute on them.. lol. Where did you all celeb?

  3. Marv

    Happy Birthday to Glo and she’s so lucky to have such a great sister. *wink*

    May she enjoy countless blessing on this wonderful day and all the best to her future undertakings. *smile*

  4. ESquire

    Hey loouu

    Happy Birthday Hannah’s Sister. Have a good one ahead yeah.

    You’re right adli. If I’m the Manager, I give the full night dinner for Free, after all theres only 2 of them and most of all Hannah Tan was there. For sure I give them FREE DINNER, not just Free 2 slices of cakes. In fact I’ll bundle up with a Free tickets to watch Transformers 2 (Front Seat : ) ) and A MYSTERY GIFTS!!!. hahaha. And for you adli, just let me know, you’re adli, I’ll give you free dinner too.

    cheerio guys

  5. ESquire

    The Bread I must say looks Pretty Good actually… Looks so Wow and comes with a dipper too. What zit call Hannah?
    I’ll go and try sometime.

    : )

  6. adli

    orait! got it! thx ESquire ;)

  7. Hannah Tan
    Hannah Tan06-25-2009

    Adli, not because of that definitely. *laugh* Tell them it’s your birthday and they’ll give you a cake too! *grin* CS, party of 2 at Prego, Westin. Nice and romantic right Glo? *laugh*

    Marv, actually I’m the lucky one. Hehe.

    Esquire, hey loouuuu~ Hehe. Wow, when are you taking over Prego’s again? Hehe. Can’t wait! Oh and I’m not too sure what it’s called la. So sorry. Freshly baked bread? Hehe. They serve it before your meal. *smile* Must try! *grin*

  8. ESquire

    Hey louu

    I’ll realised the dream sometime. Healthy Mind, Body and Soul, God willing middle of next year should be good. Got a Bit on the plate at the mo’ to handle. Keep you update on that yeahh…

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