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Live sumo match at Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo (Part 1)

My first time to a live sumo match! *grin* After reading so much about the sport, I finally get to have a first hand experience as a spectator thanks to Hayakawa san. He got us tickets at a box seating complete with food and souvenirs too! Hehe. Tell you more about it in the next post, but for now, check out this video…. Hehe. (Sorry about the video quality though… had to use my digital camera which wasn’t the best quality…haha. Bear with me ya… *smile*)



  1. Marv

    Mins 0:40 – 1:12, They must be having a romantic conversation while striking a pose.. hehehe.

    Btw, what was handed over to the winner at the end? Strange to see the opponent walking off like that..

  2. syah

    haiyo sangat malu loh tengok video nie … :) huhu …
    video nie xtengok la … kite sekarang tengok wrestling kt tv3 … :) hannah why u x join ??? :D u pergi tengok wresling nie ke ????

  3. Evelyn Teh
    Evelyn Teh01-18-2010

    That was some information bombardment about sumo, so interesting!!!

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