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The Daily Chilli bringing you…SPICE!

I had the privilege of spending some time with the very shy yet totally sweet Fiona Ho from The Daily Chilli earlier today over an interview for the portal. Despite her reservation with the camera, we managed to get her to say a few words, so here’s a very lucky shot on the Vlog for you! Gentlemen, meet Fiona :-)

Meantime, with my meals on-the-go today I managed to sneak a plate of petai, all to myself. :-D You could probably smell me from a mile away now… *laugh* Bucuk!!!!! Tapi sedap! *panda-dance*

But you know what? Interestingly enough, I just read that petai actually contains 4 times more protein, 3 times more phosphorus, 5 times more Vitamin A + Iron and 2 times more vitamins and minerals than apples.  PLUS, it helps with Anaemia, Blood Pressure, Constipation, Hypertension, Heartburn and even the prevention of Stroke! Not bad for smelly beans ay?! :-D

Just FYI for first time petai eaters – it has a sharp odor because it contains certain amino acids that can give effect (in smell) up to 2 days after eating. Can you imagine how bad petai farts would smell?!!! Hahaha. Beware!!! :-D



  1. Adli

    hey panda :D
    Good to see that you dont have much panda eyes than before :D
    since u cant go back Japan anytime soon, might as well ‘cari makan’ here right?
    hope to see you around KL sometime before u take off ^^

    sry i had to MIA these past few months thanks to studies, i had to concentrate on them and get it over with so i can concentrate on you! :p

    thats why i havent been posting comments on your blog. MINTAK AMPUN puteri Hannah 8)
    will see you this sunday? ^^ cant wait!


  2. Adli

    i have the MySpy movie :p
    still looking for Bezanya Cinta! haha!

  3. mechell

    lovin’ the dress!

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