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Mummy’s tummy


Y’know how they say – your preference for food has everything to do with what your mum craved for most during her pregnancy. In my case, crabs – check

Yep, mum definitely had this at the back of her mind when I was still in her womb. Well maybe not EXACTLY like that. *laugh*

As dad reminisced and narrated the days when mum was pregnant with me, I finally learnt to appreciate the luxury of being able to enjoy the food I’m blessed with now. According to dad, he couldn’t afford to take mum out to eat the crabs she craved for during her pregnancy, but they eventually managed to buy 1 crab from the market which mum cooked and enjoyed by herself.

Today, each time I am blessed with a seafood meal with crabs, I think about that story dad shared and thank God for His provision in our lives. Somehow, with that sort of awareness and appreciation, regardless of whether it tasted great or not, no meal ever failed to satisfy. And that, always puts the smile on my face. :-D

Since Sunday, THIS has been my staple diet. Lunch AND dinner. *sheepish-grin*

But how can you possibly blame me?

To me, being in Kota Kinabalu means 1 thing and only 1 thing when it comes to meals – SEAFOOD!!!!! *panda-dance* And my home for that here is Sri Mutiara. *big-grin*

Gosh, I can’t believe I’m still smiling cheek-to-cheek typing this.

Yummy! Mummy I got love in my tummy!!! *panda-dance*

Top up a great and economical seafood meal like this with Sri Mutiara’s signature coconut pudding and you’re set for the night! Sinfully fantabulous!! *grin*





  1. mechell

    food looks absolutely yummy~

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