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Vlog #69… Mechell in love?

I found out during this month’s FAMILY HOUR that my Superwoman Mechell is in luuuuarve! Hehe. Notice the glow on her face? *grin*

p/s: The very lucky man can be spotted in this Vlog. *wink-wink*



  1. adli

    thank you for saying me names in this vlog entry :p

    the dude must be kembang like a balloon after being introduced as the “genius” during the session! XD

    i really appreciate you having the time to do a vlog upon request. At least we [da family] know that you’re doing ok and still alive [know u work 9 round the clock dont know when to stop and lepak] :p

    btw, although just met you twice in person before, Hannah,
    YOU DONT LOOK YOUR AGE! seriously! on camera or off camera, still the same Hannah :D
    but dont work until pengsan…. knowing you…. :p

    ‘kaw ka ti ho, ae hee hee ha ha chiou’ ;)

  2. maduz

    hahaha. Adli, thumbs up! hehehe. Hannah Tan is the best, you really make the fans feel so close to you by doing these vlogs. All the best HT! LOMO ON! hehehe…

  3. adli

    ‘work9 round the clock’ = working non-stop

    sorry ah. was typing what i was thinking. tak filter :p

  4. mechell

    cant wait for the next family hour!



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