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The Diary of Hannah Tan

  • IMG 6372

    Simple Hair Tutorial: Fishtail braid

    Thank you ladies for your suggestion on posting up simple hair tutorials. Unfortunately I have zero knowledge about hair styling (other than how to get by each day without looking like a distressed Llama lol~). [wait for it...] … … …  … Fortunately however, I …

  • IMG 4467

    A true story.

    Once upon a time, there was a rebellious 16-year old girl who ran away from home, blaming everything other than herself for that irresponsible decision she made. She quit school and took up odd jobs to survive. From working at a hawker stall, to giving …

  • social media detox

    Social media detox!

    As you read this post, I’ll be in a place that is often considered the longest continuous civilization (some historians mark 6000 B.C. as the dawn of its civilization). Apparently the toilet paper was invented here in the late 1300’s too. Mwahaha~ Y’know I can’t …