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The Diary of Hannah Tan

  • IMG 2745

    Louvre is in the air…(Part 1)

    Lol~ That is soooo cheesy! *sheepish-grin* But, seriously, talking about the Louvre – How do you visit a museum with 380,000 objects, 35,000 works of art and several miles of corridors and galleries? If you are looking for a good exercise for your legs and brains then …

  • IMG 2783

    No way!!! *smirk*

    So earlier this year I wrote down a few new year resolutions. Number 3 on my list was to – “Be more active.” Yknow…pump up my health and fitness levels, the boring stuff, as some would say. It’s only right that the item I’m going …

  • Photo 1 41

    Don Juan II

    Most girls reach adulthood KNOWING what their dream wedding would be like. I mean, we girls are supposed to be spending the first quarter of our lives researching, dreaming, imagining…(and the long list of descriptive verbs that pretty much mean the same thing go on …